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Tysum, a global leader in baghouse solutions, boasts over 20 years of expertise. With 5 state-of-the-art factories, we’ve empowered 500+ satisfied clients, completing 10,000+ successful projects across 40+ applications. Our unparalleled production strength sets us apart.

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ModelFilters (Pieces)Air Volume (m/h)Filtration Area (m)Dimension ( mm )
TSDMC-49 >>491920-4800401300x1300x4900
TSDMC-64 >>642500-6360531550x1550x4950
TSDMC-81 >>813200-8000671750x1750x5000
TSDMC-100 >>1004000-9960831950x1950x5100
TSDMC-121 >>1214800-120001002150x2150x5200
TSDMC-144 >>1445660-144001202250x2250x5300
TSDMC-204 >>2048110-202801693200x2250x5400
TSDMC-240 >>2409550-238801993800x2250x5500
TSDMC-300 >>30011950-298802495000x2250x5600
TSDMC-360 >>36014300-358802995700x2250x5700

Features of Our Baghouse Dust Collectors

Dust and Fume Collector

High Dust Removal Efficiency

Removal of fine dust efficiency up to 99%


Dealing with different types of particulate contamination.

High Performance

Flexible adjustment according to different dust concentrations and airflow velocities.


Extended Life

Thanks to their high-quality parts and advanced technologies, our industrial baghouse dust collectors have an extended service life.

Low Maintenance

Branded electrical parts, fast spare part supply.

Low Outlet Emission

Compliance with dust emission requirements of each specific country.

Low Operating Cost

Reducing pressure drop through logical design can lead to a decrease in business expenses.

Low Noise

Our baghouse systems possess exceptional motors that produce minimal noise.

Bag House Dust Collectors: Built with Superior Materials for Cleaner Air

Stainless steel housing


Our dust collector bag house is built with Q235 carbon steel and high-grade stainless steel like 304 and 316, ensuring durability, leak resistance, and high dust removal efficiency.

Bag Filter Design (3)

Baghouse Filters

Our industrial baghouses are equipped with top-notch fabric filters from renowned brands like BWF® and Toray®, ensuring unparalleled filtration efficiency.

electric element

Control Systems

Our fabric filter baghouse systems integrate electrical components from famous brands like Siemens®, ABB®, and Schneider®, ensuring reliability and advanced control.

Strictly Tested Baghouse Collectors - Safe & Efficient Dust Removal

Airflow Testing

In the realm of baghouse collector manufacturing, we emphasize rigorous airflow testing. Through precise anemometer usage, we guarantee our industrial dust collectors not only meet but exceed design and customer expectations, assuring superior functionality.

Noise Level Testing

We ensure our dust baghouse units comply with OSHA and regulatory norms, operating within acceptable noise limits. Using sophisticated sound measuring devices, we rigorously check that noise levels do not exceed 85 dB, emphasizing safety and regulatory adherence in workplaces.

Leakage Filter Testing

We prioritize efficiency and minimal environmental impact in our fabric filter baghouses. Our rigorous leak detection process, employing dust particle counters, ensures leakage rates are kept below 2%, demonstrating our high manufacturing and environmental care standards.

Control System Parameterization

At our baghouse factory, the commitment to excellence is evident in our meticulous calibration processes. We finely tune control system parameters like temperature, pressure, and timing to meet precise technical specifications, ensuring our dust collection systems boast unmatched efficiency.

Component Functionality Testing

Being a reputable baghouse company, we meticulously inspect each component, including fans, filters, and exhaust systems, to rule out any unusual noise, vibration, or wear indications. This ensures all moving parts operate at prescribed speeds and standards, securing both efficiency and reliability.

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Share with us the details of the emission regulations, applications, and treatment capabilities of your locality and we will create a baghouse dust collection system tailored to your needs.


Confirm Your Demo

With extensive experience in diverse applications, our designer can provide customized the bag house demos to suit your requirements in as little as a day.


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We implement lean manufacturing practices to comply with your country’s regulations and standards and ensure timely delivery.

Mainly Industries that Baghouse Suppliers Serve

Cement Industry

The cement manufacturing process generates a significant amount of dust from grinding raw materials and kiln operations. Filter bag house efficiently captures this fine particulate matter, preventing it from escaping into the atmosphere and maintaining workplace safety.


Wood dust is a major byproduct of cutting, sanding, and processing wood. It's not only a health hazard but also a potential fire risk. Baghouse industrial collectors effectively remove wood dust, ensuring a clean air environment and reducing the risk of dust-related fires.


Steel processing produces fine particulate waste, including metal shavings and grinding dust. Baghouse systems are capable of handling the high volume and temperature of dust, making them ideal for capturing and filtering out metallic particulates.


In pharmaceutical manufacturing, controlling dust is critical to ensure product purity and worker safety. Baghouse dust collectors provide high-efficiency filtration, capturing fine particulate matter and preventing cross-contamination between different pharmaceutical compounds.

Mining and Mineral Processing

The extraction and processing of minerals generate a lot of dust, which can be harmful to both workers and machinery. Baghouse dust collector system is suitable to handle the abrasive and often toxic dust found in mining operations, ensuring air quality and equipment longevity.

Chemical Industry

Chemical manufacturing processes can release hazardous dust and fumes. Dust collector baghouse is used for its ability to filter out fine, potentially hazardous particulates and fumes, ensuring a safe working environment and compliance with environmental regulations.

Innovative Baghouse Dust Collector Manufacturers with Certificates

With a patent-rich portfolio, our firm stands at the forefront of dust collection bag house innovation. We strive to elevate dust management efficiency and safety, reflecting our deep-seated commitment to steering the industry towards a brighter future.

Baghouse Dust Collector
Manufacturer You Can Rely On

Baghouse filters have a durable design convenient for collecting large particulates such as wood and grain dust. This dust collector’s fabric material allows for a filtration efficiency of 5 microns and gives the filter a longer service life than cartridge dust collectors. In addition, the modular design of our baghouse dust collectors makes them compatible with a wide range of machines and suitable for different applications.



This dust collector captures dust or smoke from various industrial processes, allowing workers to safely collect and discard dangerous particulates. Baghouse dust collectors are suitable for collecting particulates from steel, woodworking, and cement production businesses.

A safe work environment is a primary advantage of using baghouse dust collectors in every industrial process. Particulates produced by processing wood or steel harm human or animal health, making baghouse dust filters essential for protecting all workers.

A sort of air pollution control tool called a baghouse dust collector is made to take dust and other particulates out of industrial processes. A baghouse dust collector works on the basic premise of trapping dust and other airborne particles on the surface of filter bags made of woven or felted fabric.

Factors such as size, capacity, and features affect the cost of a baghouse dust collector. You can get an accurate estimate on bespoke baghouse dust collectors from Tysum today.

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