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We specialize in providing high-quality dust collector filters, including cartridge and baghouse filters, that effectively collect dirt, dust, and contaminants. Our wide selection of filters caters to your industrial needs and can significantly reduce your operating costs with proper maintenance. We offer custom-size filters that match or exceed OEM specifications, ensuring the perfect fit and performance at low prices.

Aftermarket Filters for Various Trusted Brands

Dust Collector Filters We Provide

Cartridge Filters
Our cartridge filters are designed with high-quality filtration media that enables them to eliminate 99.99% of particles from the air flow. Moreover, they are durable and easy to replace.

Sandblasting, mining, pharmaceutical

Baghouse Filters
Baghouse filters are essential for maintaining workplace air quality because they efficiently reduce pollution brought on by small or big dust particles. They are crucial in ensuring a healthy working environment for your factory workers.

Welding, woodworkingplasma and laser cutting

Whether Complement or Aftermarket Filters
We've Got You Covered

OEM for Your Needs

We make our aftermarket dust collector filters tailor-fit to the specifications of branded filtration machines and support standard filters.

Manufacturing to Regulations

Our filters can be manufactured in compliance with NFPA and OSHA safety standards to fulfill the requirements of various countries.

Testing for the Best Performance

We incorporate domestic and international standards throughout our production process, ensuring that each dust filtration product performs optimally in any environment.

Tackle Your Problems Anytime

Backed by over 23 years of experience in the domestic air filtration industry, Tysum understands the inner workings of air filtration machines and the needs of different brands and retail stores.

Perfect Fit for Different Collectors

Our experts can customize our dust collector filter to match the requirements of various dust collectors, drawing more attention to your business.

Various Applications Served

Tysum specializes in providing air filtration solutions for woodworking, sandblasting, mining, pharmaceutical, welding, plasma, and laser cutting applications.

OEM Dust Collector Filters

with Ease

Industry-leading experts are ready to assist you in finding a dust filter solution for your operation.


With our extensive knowledge in the filtration industry, our OEM/ODM dust filter solution has helped numerous businesses across the globe. Work with our experts to improve your business output today!

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Yes, we can OEM your dust collector filters to make them align with your dust collectors’ specifications. Just as we provide you with premium dust collectors and filters, we also offer replacement filters to ensure high efficiency for their specified applications.

The type of filter you choose for your dust collector depends on the needs of your factory or application. Baghouse filters are industrial-grade and work best against heavy particles such as sand or wood dust, while cartridge filters work for welding and smoke applications, which bring in fine dust.

Cartridge filters come at competitive prices, but prices may vary per size, media, and filter type. Lower prices are offered from direct suppliers such as Tysum, who provide OEM dust collector filters to replace any used ones.

In general, most dust collector filter bags should be cleaned by having compressed air blown outside the bag while the collector is in operation. Then you can turn it inside out to vacuum up the remaining dust.

While dust collector filter lifespans may vary, make it a habit to replace filters as often as every three months. Before doing so, the filter must be inspected. Checking the air quality and differential pressure also helps identify when it is time to replace the filters.

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