OEM Dust Collectors Filters

OEM Dust Collectors Filter
Manufacturer Makes Your Filters Easier

Tysum is your premier manufacturer of tailor-made OEM dust collector filters that address the diverse demands of different industries, including concrete processing, food and beverage, mining, and pharmaceuticals.

Whether you need filters to collate particulates from thermal processes, size reduction, or for collecting dust clouds from material handling, we have you covered.

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Choose Your Dust Collector Filters Right

Cartridge Filters
Custom cartridge filters for a wide range of modern dust collector brands made from premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing technology. We can also create filters for aftermarket dust collector machines to help you capture a broader audience.

Welding, Plasma cutting, Blasting, Woodworking

Dust, Smoke, Mist, Fibers

0.5-50 microns

Baghouse Filters
Explore Tysum’s wide assortment of filters made specifically for baghouse dust collectors used in large-scale facilities. Diversify your baghouse filter offerings with various customizable options to fit your market’s demands.

Mining, Metalworking, Welding, Laser cutting, Grinding

Chemicals and pollutants, metal oxides

0.1-10 microns

Right Manufacturer is Half of
the Success

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Exact-Fit Dust Collector Filters

Fully modify the dust collector filters to perfectly fit a variety of well-known brands for greater worldwide appeal.

Superior Quality

We only use the finest media and materials to create our OEM dust collector filters.

Professional Solutions

Get professional, tailor-made solutions based on your dust collector, preferred application, and site condition.

Qualified Production

Strict adherence to international standards guarantees top-notch and lasting performance.

Make Your Dust Collector Filters Right


Tailor the filters with the appropriate media that can adequately handle the collected dust.

Air-to-cloth Ratio

Determine the air-to-cloth ratio your filter will be dealing with by first knowing how much dust it will be processing.


Our range of dust collector filters can be modified based on the make and model of the machine.

Level of Abrasion Resistance

Take note of the abrasion resistance level of the machine to ensure the filters won’t wear quickly.

Dust Collector Filters Right

OEM Dust Collector Filters Right, Easy, and Fast

Understand Your Needs

We begin the project by thoroughly understanding your needs: industry, factory condition, application, and filtration requirements are all accounted for by our consultants.


Confirm Information

Based on your expressed requirements, our team decides which materials and design will work best for your project according to our industry expertise.



The design is immediately translated into a functional sample, and several tests are conducted to guarantee that every piece works in agreement with our factory benchmarks.


Confirm Sampling

Once we complete the sample, we will send it to you for testing and confirmation. Any modification requests and improvements are made to ensure your satisfaction.



After getting your approval, the sample will be used as a reference for the final production process. Our team mass-produces your dust collector filters and inspects them for quality control.



Completed filters undergo a series of tests before shipment, weeding out defective ones before they leave our warehouse. They are then packed and sent to our logistics partners for delivery.


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