Dust Filtration Solutions for Pharmaceutical

As each step of drug production, such as granulating, mixing, and grinding, produces dust, we consider how it transmits harmful chemicals through being airborne or making surface contact.


Our dust collectors can prevent dust migrations across your factory from interfering with machinery and your workers while guaranteeing consistent quality control in every stage of production.

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    Employee Health

    Dust collectors ensure a safe space your workers can easily work and thrive in.


    Your pharmaceutical workshop operates optimally when dust does not hinder machinery or employee health.

    Product Quality

    Proactively maintains consistent cleanliness in every product, which translates to optimal quality.

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    Dust produced from grinding and other drug production processes can lead to health hazards and costly damage to machinery. As such, we produce air filtration systems that collect fine particles and maintain clean air throughout production.

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    With our experience, we design unique dust collectors that blend in with your workshop environment while effectively preventing any employee or equipment from making contact with dust.


    Working with Tysum means patented, tailor-fit dust collection systems produced with quality-guaranteed raw materials at factory prices.

    Calculate the Dust Size and Capacity

    We take into account the airflow rate (CFM) and filtering efficiency required to catch different sorts of particles.


    Settle Filtration System

    We provide temperature-resistant and durable dust collectors that readily take in sticky or dry materials and heavy loads.


    Meet Local Safety Regulation

    We include overload protection, thermal switches, and grounding straps to improve the safety and performance of our dust collectors if needed.


    Save Your Cost

    We will work with you to identify the materials and features you require for your dust collection systems and customize a machine that is within your price range.


    Guarantee Low Maintenance

    We include an extra set of accessories and components with every product we send and guarantee a one-year warranty to reduce maintenance costs.


    Comply with Your Local Regulations

    Complying with OSHA requirements, the dust levels permitted for pharmaceutical workshops is  15 mg/m3 at about an 8-hour time-weighted average.

    To give you peace of mind, we construct durable air filtration systems designed and calculated with ATEX explosion prevention measures in mind.

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