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Tysum is a trusted dust collector manufacturer that creates OEM solutions for industries like concrete processing, food and beverage, mining, and pharmaceuticals.

We have a great collection of customizable dust collectors that can collect particulates stemming from thermal processes, size reduction processes such as crushing, grinding, milling, and classifying, and from material handling, including dust clouds. Our dust collectors also meet strict international standards set by NFPA, MSHA, OSHA, and other relevant organizations.

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Baghouse Dust Collectors
Ideal for high-volume and high-temperature applications, these dust collectors can contain large amounts of dust before the filters need to be replaced. Large facilities can benefit from using baghouse dust collectors from Tysum.

Welding, Plasma cutting, Blasting, Woodworking

Dust, Smoke, Mist, Fibers

0.5–50 microns

Cartridge Dust Collectors
Tysum’s line of cartridge bag collectors has a pleated design with finer filter media, perfect for filtering smaller dust particulates. And with their compact construction, they can be used in factories with smaller workspaces and loads.

Mining, Metalworking, Welding, Laser cutting, Grinding

Chemicals and pollutants, metal oxides

0.1-10 microns

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Industrial Cartridge Filter 1

Dust Properties

Our range of dust collectors can be customized to target specific dust particles, airflow rates, and temperatures.

Emission Requirements

We calibrate our dust collectors to adapt to any workplace environment and benchmark emission requirements.

Application Process

Strict adherence to global quality standards from beginning to end.


The specifications for the dust collector and any additional equipment are based on the budget.

Dust Volume

Perfect calibration of air-to-cloth ratio and proper dust disposal quantities guarantee better filtration.

Floor Plan

We help design the dust collector in accordance with the facility layout for optimal performance and results.

Interstitial Velocity

Let us know the weight and density of the load, and we can adequately calculate dump intervals.

Safety Rules and Regulations

Our dust collectors and filters abide by air emission guidelines set by the EPA, OSHA, and NFPA.

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More than Just Installation


It is essential to take the ideal inlet angle and inlet diffusers into account in order to reduce hopper turbulence and re-entrainment while enabling material drop-out.


Choose the right filter based on dust size and properties to collect the appropriate dust particles within the factory.

Centrifugal Blower

Powerful centrifugal blowers facilitate air movement through the system, enhancing its air filtering capabilities.

Dust Storage Container

The dust that is taken out of the air stream is normally collected in a container or hopper by a dust collector. The container could be a bag or a bin that is regularly emptied.

OEM Dust Collectors Right

Pressure Switches & Gauges

Integral pressure switches and gauges initiate the cleaning cycle on the ‘clean-on-demand’ control system for reduced filter wear.

Security System

We can combine a spark detection system, vents, and pipes to prevent dust hazards like explosions or fires.

Dust Removal System

We design practical and cost-effective dust removal systems to mitigate costs, cleaning cycles, and other air filtration needs.


Ducts carry dusty air to collector. Correct sizing and design ensure smooth airflow and low pressure drop.

OEM Dust Collectors Right, Easy, and Fast

Understand Your Needs

Our expert consultants take time to fully understand your filtration needs, including the industry you’re targeting, factory conditions, and intended application.


Confirm Information

Once we have all the information we need to start the project, we will confirm your dust collection needs and the characteristics of the filters required.


Design Demo

The engineering team then develops the best solutions to address your requirements, including collector dimensions, ductwork, filter material/treatments, and overall system design.


Confirm Design

After determining the system components and design, we will send you a layout copy for confirmation and make a demo to see how it will function once implemented.



The team proceeds to manufacture the air filtration systems using a combination of automated production lines and strict quality control practices.



Seasoned inspectors review the completed products meticulously, reviewing every part to ensure they work as intended and are packed appropriately before leaving the warehouse.


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