Dust Filtration Solutions for Woodworking

Facilities that focus on woodworking projects require a form of woodworking dust collector to maintain a healthy and safe working environment. From fine sand dust to larger chips, scattered wood dust can cause potential harm to the workplace, employees, and the quality of finished products. Tysum offers a range of air filtration solutions to address various woodworking applications.

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    Employee Health

    Reduce the risks of health concerns within your team.


    The combination of sanitized workplaces and healthy employees improves company productivity.

    Product Quality

    Clean and dust-free woodworking facilities increase the quality levels of completed products.

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    Without proper air filtration, woodworking facilities are filled with airborne wood particles due to sanding and cutting. When inhaled, it could lead to potential health problems, including but not limited to allergic and non-allergic respiratory symptoms and cancer.

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    We have been in business for 23 years and work with various sectors. In accordance with your manufacturing condition, we may offer solutions, dust removal products, and equipment.

    Calculate the Dust Size and Capacity

    In your woodworking shop, take into account the airflow rate (CFM) and filtering efficiency required to catch the different sorts of particles.


    Settle Filtration System

    To collect the dust particles your equipment produces, a baghouse dust collector is appropriate.


    Meet Local Safety Regulation

    Make sure the dust collector you choose has safety features such as overload protection, thermal switches, and grounding straps.


    Save Your Cost

    We will work with you to identify the features you require and select a model that is within your price range.


    Guarantee Low Maintenance

    We include an extra set of wearing components with every product we send, along with a one-year warranty.


    Comply with Your Local Regulations

    Per OSHA requirements, the permissible dust level is 15 mg/m3, total dust (5 mg/m3, respirable fraction) at ab 8-hour time-weighted average.

    Tysum’s range of air filtration solutions is guaranteed to follow NFPA and OSHA regulations, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

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