Work with the Best and Build the Best

Tysum welcomes and our products support electrical and other components of various internationally-renowned brands, which enables us to reduce downtime and maintenance and to accurately meet all your performance requirements. We use proven high-quality components and materials only; for example, for protective machine shells, we use Q235 carbon and other stainless steel plates, and for our dust collectors, we use only filters and electrical components that can optimize performance and maintain clean air.

Famous Brands We Partner with

Electrical Components

To help improve filtration performance and lower maintenance costs, we use quality electrical components from Siemens, ABB, Schneider, and other well-known brands, making sure our products match well with any filtration system globally.

Dust Collector Filters

Our dust collector filters boast a dust filtration accuracy of over 99% and are made with branded components from BWF, Toray, and other prominent names to ensure compatibility with your specific filtration systems.


To construct the shells of the main equipment, we utilize Q235 carbon steel plates and diverse grades of stainless steel plates like 304 and 316. This selection of primary materials guarantees the long-lasting durability of our dust collectors.

Only the Best Materials

We audit every supplier we connect with and ensure every material adheres to domestic and international quality and safety standards. Trusting us means a constant supply of dust collector filters and reliable performance.


Through various tests, our quality control experts validate the functionality and performance of our products under harsh workplace conditions.


By using durable steel and other premium materials to build our dust collectors, we reduce downtime for the filtration process and ensure a consistent, uninterrupted flow of clean air.


Matching your filtration machinery with our filters and electric components made from well-known branded parts reduces after-sales maintenance and machine stress.

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