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Drawing upon more than 23 years of experience in the industry, we understand the ins and outs of filtration and dust removal, and we are more than qualified to select appropriate baghouse filter solutions that suit your system.

Using branded components, our modern factories manufacture baghouse filters that are tailored to trap a wide range of dust particle sizes, resulting in clean air in all areas with minimal difficulty.


Our Range of Baghouse Filters

Our Range of Baghouse Filters

Simply provide us with your application, and our expert team will select the perfect baghouse filters for you. We offer customization options for baghouse filters in various models, specifications, and materials to cater to your specific requirements.

Features of Baghouse Filters

Low Air-to-cloth Ratio

The amount of air that flows through each square foot of filter media in a minute is known as the air-to-cloth ratio. The lower the air-to-cloth ratio, the better.


We support specialized aftermarket filters, ensuring a 100 percent precise fit and superior performance.

dust collector for lithium-ion battery industry

Multiple Media Available

We provide several types of media kinds and choose the best ones for your filters based on your line of work.

Low Pressure Drop

Lower pressure drop than most filters on the market today.

High Adsorption Efficiency

Attain superior dust cleaning efficiency with our premium baghouse filters.

Long Effective Life

It can effectively absorb smoke and dust, and has a long-lasting life.

Choose the Right Filters with Pros

Are you searching for the ideal dust collector filters that fit your industry? Your search is over! All you have to do is provide us with your dust handling capacity and CFM, and we will assist you in selecting and customizing the filters that are most suitable for your requirements.


1 -50 microns



Small fibers filter large particles. Ideal for mechanical shakers and air baghouse.

Cement & concrete, Chemical, Pharmaceutical


0.5 -50 microns



Remove even the smallest-sized aerosols, contaminants, and dust particles.

Food and beverage, mining, woodworking


0.5 - 10 microns


Felted filter traps particles via impact and interception on its surface.

Metalworking, chemical, cement production


0.3 - 10 microns



Use fibreglass baghouse filter for high acid concentration industries, especially hydrofluoric acid.

Chemicals and minerals, energy pipelines and utilities

 400°F – 500°F

Customize Your Filters Now

Are you searching for ideal baghouse filters to fit your dust collector, or do you want to sell top-notch filters in the aftermarket? Your search ends here! Our team has the ideal answer to fulfill your requirements. Get in touch with us today to acquire more information.

Filters for Dust Collector

Find the perfect baghouse replacement filters for your dust collector with ease, thanks to our expert guidance and support.

Aftermarket Filters

Ensure you have an ample stock of inexpensive replacement filters for well-known brands like Donaldson Torit, Camfil Farr, Clark, Clean Air America, and more.


Fit for dry environments, baghouse filters are made with fabric filter bags that capture dust and exhaust clean air. Well-suited for smaller particles and loads, our baghouse filters come in a compact design for easy assembly.

To maintain clean working environments, baghouse filtration systems possess an air inlet to take in dirty air and an air outlet to exhaust clean air out. When dirty air is taken in, larger particles get caught in the pockets of filter bags while smaller particles remain on the surface of the filtration media.

Due to their superior ability to capture tiny dust and other particles, cheap running costs, adaptability, adherence to rules, and minimal environmental impact, baghouse filters are frequently preferred to alternative filters.

Please provide details about the baghouse filter parameters so we can assist you in personalizing them.

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