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Cartridge filters are suitable for collecting extremely fine and dry particulates. Tysum cartridge dust collectors can achieve nearly HEPA filtration efficiency, or up to 0.3 microns.


The modular construction of our cartridge dust collectors makes them suitable for various businesses, such as those in the metalworking and pharmaceutical industries.


In addition, our cartridge filters are easy to maintain and replace for smooth operation.


Our Cartridge Dust Collectors

ModelFilters (Pieces)Air Volume (m/h)Dimension(mm)Link
FY-LT-4L >>432001365x1350x2200Learn More
FY-LT-6L >>640001565x1423x2807Learn More
FY-LT-6LS >>660001565x1498x2987Learn More
FY-LT-8L >>870001468x2215x2575Learn More
FY-LT-2-4 >>425001020x1645x3025Learn More
FY-LT-2-8 >>850001020x2163x3248Learn More
FY-LT-3-6 >>637501020x1645x3492Learn More
FY-LT-3-12 >>1275001020x2162x3675Learn More
FY-LT-3-18 >>18112501523x2162x3675Learn More
FY-LT-4-16 >>16100001029x2162x4170Learn More
FY-LT-4-24 >>24150001523x2162x4170Learn More

Features of Cartridge Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors

High Dust Removal Efficiency

Fine dust cleaning efficiency up to 99%.


Dealing with different types of particulates, suitable for various applications.

High Performance

 Can effectively absorb fine dust, damp and sticky dust.

Extended Lifespans

Our dust collectors have longer lifespans because we incorporate top-notch components and state-of-the-art techniques.

Low Maintenance

Branded electrical parts, fast spare part supply.


Low Outlet Emission

Our dust collectors adhere to the regulations regarding the release of dust particles, which are specific to each nation.

Low Operating Cost

By minimizing pressure drop, our cartridge dust collectors lower costs in the long run.


Low Noise

Our cartridge dust collectors feature motors that generate low noise levels.

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This type of dust collector uses pleated filter cartridges to capture particulates produced by various processes in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, and other industries. Cartridge dust collectors are essential for creating a safe work environment by capturing hazardous dust.

An air filtering system that removes dust and other airborne particles is a cartridge dust collector. It functions by utilising several filters, sometimes known as cartridges, to collect the dust as it moves through the system.


Air filtering devices used in industrial settings include baghouse dust collectors and cartridge dust collectors. Cartridge collectors are more compact and use cylindrical filters. Baghouse collectors are larger and use fabric bags. The size and kind of filter are the key variations.


While choosing between a baghouse and a cartridge dust collector, take into account things like airflow requirements, cost, dust kind, and space constraints. Cartridge dust collectors are more affordable, more portable, and better at filtering smaller dust particles, but they also need more frequent maintenance. Baghouses require less upkeep but are better for handling larger particles and higher airflow volumes. Select the solution that best satisfies your individual requirements and circumstances.

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