Dust Filtration Solutions for Grinding

Grinding and deburring metals can produce fine to medium dust particles that are health hazards for employees and the general public.


Tysum is a leading dust collector manufacturer that offers solutions for efficiently capturing air contaminants or particles for grinding operation. Our engineers can make high-grade grinding dust collectors explicitly designed for grinding operations.

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    Employee Health

    Create a safe and productive workspace.


    Keep a clean and well-maintained workplace.

    Product Quality

    Reduce the risk of contaminants affecting the quality of products.

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    Dust particles from metal grinding are dangerous for employees and can harm the end product. Tysum’s premium dust collectors keep workers safe during production while boosting production efficiency by properly collecting particles by metal grinding.

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    After working with several businesses within the metal fabrication industry, we have the experience and skills to create bespoke grinding dust collectors that suit your operation. Tysum’s professional designers will work with you to find dust filtration solutions that improve your business.

    Calculate the Dust Size and Capacity

    We determine the appropriate dust collectors according to your facility’s output, such as airflow rate and dust particle types.


    Settle Filtration System

    The airborne particles’ size and type are used to determine the appropriate dust collector solution for your facilities.


    Meet Local Safety Regulation

    All our dust collectors comply with international and local standards by having various safety features such as overload protection, thermal switches, and grounding straps.


    Save Your Cost

    Your operation requirements and budget are considered to provide the right dust collector for your business.


    Guarantee Low Maintenance

    One-year warranty is provided to our dust collector, along with a comprehensive after-sales service.


    Comply with Your Local Regulations

    The permissible dust level within any facility is 15 mg per cubic meter over an eight-hour limit, the standard set by OSHA and NFPA for workplaces.

    Tysum’s experience and knowledge of various regulations within several countries ensure your business follows local regulations through our dust collectors. Our dust filtration solutions ensure a safe and productive workplace.

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