Dust Filtration Solutions for Sandblast

Sandblasting creates dust containing harmful particles such as crystalline silica that are hazardous to anyone’s health while reducing a facility’s productivity.


Tysum engineers offer high-grade sandblast dust collectors that capture dust created by various blast media, such as aluminum oxide, crushed glass, coal slag, and grit. The efficiency of our dust filtration solutions ensures your employees are safe during operation while reducing your facility’s maintenance requirements.

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    Employee Health

    Prevent injuries caused by airborne dust.


    Create a clean and productive workspace.

    Product Quality

    Minimize contaminants that affect your operation’s output.

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    Define New Sandblast Workshop

    Inhaling the dust from sandblasting can lead to silicosis or other fatal respiratory diseases. Smoothing, cleaning, or deburring operations require suitable dust collectors to protect the workers and achieve an optimal outcome.

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    The experience we collected from working with surface finishing companies enabled us to find suitable dust collectors for any operation. Our engineers will work closely with you to create tailor-made solutions that improve the safety and productivity of your sandblasting operations.

    Calculate the Dust Size and Capacity

    The airflow rate and particulates, will be the basis for the appropriate dust collector to achieve optimal filtration performance.


    Settle Filtration System

    We offer baghouse dust collectors suitable for capturing particulates produced during sandblasting processes.


    Meet Local Safety Regulation

    With safety features such as thermal switches, grounding straps, and overload protection can be equipped on our dust collectors to comply with local safety standards.


    Save Your Cost

    Tysum offers appropriate dust collectors that efficiently capture all particulates produced during sandblasting while staying within your budget.


    Guarantee Low Maintenance

    All of our dust collectors come with a one-year warranty and component replacement as a guarantee of their long service life.


    Comply with Your Local Regulations

    Sandblasting processes must not exceed the safety dust levels set by OSHA and NFPA. Tysum’s sandblast dust collectors are designed to efficiently filter particulates produced through sandblasting, helping you create a safe workplace and providing you with peace of mind.

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