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Tysum is one of the leading dust collector manufacturers in China due to our experience in the filtration industry and the use of high-grade materials. All the facilities that we use in the production of our dust collectors are under our ownership. Thanks to our world-class standard operating procedures (SOP), each dust collector has a substantial service life, filtration efficiency, and durability that will exceed your expectations.

Dust Collectors We Provide

Baghouse Dust Collectors
Baghouse dust collectors filter dense and heavy particles, such as those made from wood or grain. This type of dust collector has a filter efficiency of around 5.0 microns.

Woodworking, sandblasting, mining, pharmaceutical

Cartridge Dust Collectors
Cartridge dust collectors are suitable for fine or light particles, such as the dust produced by welding, plasma, and laser equipment. A cartridge filter has a filter efficiency of 0.3 microns.

Welding, plasma and laser cutting

Features of Dust Collectors at a Glance

High Filtration Efficiency

Our expertise lies in creating custom-designed dust collectors that optimize dust cleaning efficiency based on the specific airflow, dust load, and environmental conditions of your facility.

Energy Efficiency

Having a well-executed design is essential for creating dust collectors that are energy-efficient, which in turn can lead to decreased operating expenses and a reduced environmental footprint.

Industrial Cartridge Filter 1

Compact Design

We can design your dust collectors to fit your factory layout and ensure that our compact dust collectors take up minimal space, making them easy to install even in tight spaces.

Low Maintenance

Our dust collectors are constructed using high-quality electric components and materials, with the intention of minimizing maintenance needs. This design approach can result in significant cost and time savings over the long-term.

Easy Installation

We have designed our dust collectors to be user-friendly and straightforward to install, and we can tailor them to meet each user’s unique requirements.

Easy Operation

Our dust collectors are renowned for their exceptional efficiency and user-friendly operation, providing a hassle-free experience for dust collection.

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Dust collectors remove or collect dust and other airborne particles from industrial and commercial settings. They are designed to improve air quality by removing harmful particles from the air that can pose health risks to workers and damage machinery. These components’ primary function is to capture and filter out dust and other particles from the air and then release clean air back into the environment. 

Dust collectors use filters to capture and remove dust and other particles from industrial and commercial settings. Particles or dust are captured at the source, transported to the collector, filtered out, and disposed of. Regular cleaning is required to maintain the effectiveness of the dust collectors.

Factories, plants, and processing centers utilize dust collectors to keep the work area safe for the workers and the general public. Dust filters also improve the work area’s cleanliness, increasing productivity and improving the finished product or outcome.

To determine the size of the dust collector, factors such as the type and amount of dust produced, the airflow needed to capture the dust, and the size and layout of the space must be considered. A qualified professional can evaluate a site to determine the appropriate dust collector for a given application.

The type of dust or particles your workshop or facility produces should be the basis for determining which dust collector suits your business. A baghouse dust collector is suitable for woodworking or steel industries due to the particulate sizes produced during operation. Those in the food processing and chemical industries require cartridge dust collectors to create a safe workspace.

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