Dust Filtration Solutions for Welding

Welding facilities are typically filled with welding smoke and fumes. This can harm employees, especially those who work with galvanized metal or stainless steel.


Tysum is a seasoned dust collectors manufacturer help capture smoke and fumes with little to no effort. Our expert designers can create high-performance dust collectors for welding facilities and efficient dust collector filters like nano filters that perfectly fit welding applications.

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    Employee Health

    Healthier employees are happier, leading to higher retention rates.


    Experience expedited production times with clean and dust-free facilities.

    Product Quality

    Cleaner welding workshops guarantee end products of the highest quality.

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    Define New Welding Workshop

    Constant exposure to weld smoke and fumes produced in metal fabrication sites can negatively affect workers and overall production output.


    Utilizing efficient dust collectors within welding workshops will improve facility conditions, encourage better employee health, and increase manufacturing quality.

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    With a deep understanding of various industry demands, our expert designers can create dust collectors tailored explicitly for the welding industry. Work with us today and improve your standing with welding facilities worldwide.

    Calculate the Dust Size and Capacity

    Collect important facility information, including the airflow rate and filtering efficiency required to capture the weld smoke and fumes.


    Settle Filtration System

    Consider which dust collector design and filtering materials will best capture the airborne particles in the metal fabrication facilities.


    Meet Local Safety Regulation

    Verify that the dust collectors have the necessary safety features according to local safety standards, including grounding straps and thermal switches.


    Save Your Cost

    Tell us your budget and preferences, and we will identify which models fit them without compromising quality or performance.


    Guarantee Low Maintenance

    Along with a one-year warranty guarantee, each dust collector includes spare components for fast and hassle-free maintenance.


    Comply with Your Local Regulations

    Per OSHA requirements, the permissible dust level is 15 mg/m3, total dust (5 mg/m3, respirable fraction) at ab 8-hour time-weighted average.

    Tysum’s range of air filtration solutions is guaranteed to follow NFPA and OSHA regulations, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

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