The Ultimate List: 10 Leading Baghouse Manufacturers You Should Know

Navigating the Dust: An Introduction to Your Ultimate Baghouse Solutions

In the heart of thriving industries, a silent guardian stands between the purity of the air we breathe and the relentless flurry of particles stemming from our own creations. Yes, we’re talking about the unsung hero in our midst – the baghouse dust collector. This marvel of engineering is pivotal in maintaining a healthy work environment, catering to the unique needs of various industries, from food processing to metal fabrication.

Imagine the air quality in your facility being so pristine, your employees breathe as if they were in the openness of nature. That’s the peace of mind baghouse manufacturers aim to provide. These systems, especially the pulse jet baghouse, with their high-pressure gusto, ensure not a speck of dust lingers in your workspace. Their secret? A series of meticulously designed baghouse filters, working tirelessly, capturing everything from wood dust to fertilizer dust, those minuscule intruders invisible to the naked eye.

But it’s not just about trapping dust. These custodians of clean air perform a balancing act, regulating air flow with scientific precision. Be it the compact cartridge filters or the robust reverse air baghouses, each plays a part in this intricate dance to preserve that precious commodity: breathable air.

Now, as we stand on the cusp of an industrial revolution, the role of dust collection in environmental preservation has never been more pronounced. Companies boast years of experience, but it’s those offering customization options for their filtration systems, considering the high temperature and unique airborne contaminants of your operations, that truly understand the economic function of these systems.

And what about the aftermath, you ask? The top of the baghouse holds the answer, where filter bags await, ready for the descent of dust particles, a testament to the system’s efficiency and our commitment to a greener future.

As we venture into the specifics of dust collection equipment, remember, the perfect synergy between competitive prices and assured quality is possible. So, buckle up as we dive into the world of baghouse manufacturers, exploring a wide selection of dust collectors crafted for your industry’s demands. Together, we’ll unveil the champions of air purity, ensuring your venture’s main focus remains on innovation, leaving the dust to us.

Baghouse America: Pioneering Clean Air and Community Impact

Baghouse America is a top dog in the dust collecting world. For more than 20 years, they’ve been making stuff to keep our air clean. It all started when the founders saw how much bad stuff was in the industrial dust. They knew they could do better.

They’ve got all the tools: downdraft tables, vacuum cleaners with super high pressure, and even cyclone dust collectors. From big to small, they’ve got something for everyone. Their main gig? The baghouse dust collection systems. These bad boys have filters that catch all the nasty stuff, like fine dust and other bits, making work places much healthier.

But here’s the cool part: Baghouse America is all about doing good. They don’t just want clean air; they want better businesses, happier neighborhoods, and a green planet. They make top-notch products but don’t charge an arm and a leg. Need a part? They’ve got spares for big names like Goyen® and Donaldson Torit®.

Quick look at them

  • Name: Baghouse America
  • What they do: They’re the big fish in dust collection. They make lots of tools, including baghouse dust collection systems.
  • Cool stuff: They’ve been at it for over 20 years, care about the planet, and don’t overcharge.
  • Their gear: All kinds of collectors like baghouse, jet dust, and more. They handle air pollution, use compressed air, and make sure food industries and others are safe from bad air.
  • Dream big: They want clean air for everyone and to make the world better.

So, with Baghouse America, you get clean air, happy places, and a brighter tomorrow. They’re real people making a real difference.

Baghouse America | Dust Collection & Baghouse Manufacturer

Airflow Systems: Making Our Air Cleaner for Over 35 Years!

Hey, have you heard about Airflow Systems? They’re the big deal in cleaning the air, especially for businesses. Located in Dallas, these folks have been around for over 35 years. That’s a long time, right?

Airflow Systems is super cool. They don’t just sell stuff. They have lots of equipment like the EZ ARM for smoke and MISTPAK for mist. They’ve got almost everything you can think of. Their things have special parts that catch tiny bits in the air. For example, they have special parts for catching aluminum bits!

What’s super special about them? Their awesome help! They don’t just give you a thing and say, “Good luck!” They have smart people who visit you, look at your place, give tips, and even help set things up. They make sure you have fresh air.

Many companies make things to freshen the air. But Airflow Systems is really doing a big job. They want our work places to be good. They work hard to keep the air nice and clean.

A quick peek at them

  • Name: Airflow Systems
  • What they do: They’re the champs in air cleaning. They have tons of equipment for businesses.
  • Cool stuff: Been doing it for 35 years, everything’s made in the USA, and they’ve got a big list of items.
  • Their gear: Things like EZ ARM Fume Extractors, MISTPAK Mist Collectors, and lots more. They tackle bad air and make it clean with their cool tech.
  • Big dream: Give everyone top-notch products and the best help to make air super clean.

So, if you want clean air and a buddy to help you get there, Airflow Systems is your go-to. They’re the real MVPs in the clean air game!

Airflow Systems

Delfin Industrial Vacuums: Rocking the Dust World for Over 25 Years!

Meet Delfin, the superheroes in the dust-fighting adventure! For 25 years, they’ve been crafting cool gadgets like industrial vacuums to tackle the messy villains of dust and waste. Their leader, Antonino Siclari, started this mission with a dream: to make the best vacuums for industries.

Their toolbox is filled with awesome stuff! They have a wide range of dust busters like Portable Vacuum Systems and Dust Collectors. And guess what? Their baghouse collectors and other tools are like dust magnets, grabbing onto particles, aluminum dust, and all sorts of flying foes!

But Delfin isn’t just about fancy gadgets. They’re friends who listen and care about what industries need. Every vacuum, every filter cartridge, every little part is designed with a lot of thought and love. And they’re super proud that their creations are born in Italy, with a sprinkle of quality from Germany too!

Here’s a quick peek at Delfin

  • Name: Delfin Industrial Vacuums
  • What they do: They’re the wizards of industrial vacuums and dust collector systems.
  • Cool stuff: 25 years of experience, Italian craftsmanship, and a big heart for customers.
  • Their gear: From bag filters to scientific dust collectors, they have a magical mix to fight industrial dust.
  • Dream big: Making the world cleaner and safer with their innovative tools and caring touch.

So, with Delfin, you’re not just getting a product. You’re joining a family that’s all about excellence, care, and a cleaner, happier world!

Industrial Vacuums and customized cleaning systems | Delfin

Scientific Dust Collectors: The Dust-Busting Pros for Over 40 Years!

Hey, ever heard of Scientific Dust Collectors? They’re the big players in the dust game! Part of the big Venturedyne, Ltd. family, they’ve been around for over 40 years, making the air cleaner for everyone.

Back in 1981, they came up with this super cool filter media thing called UniFlow Super Sonic™. It was a game-changer! They promise their stuff works great, lasts long, and does the job right. And guess what? Everything they do, from thinking up new ideas to selling their gear, happens under one roof. Talk about teamwork!

What’s their secret sauce? They listen to what people need and then use their brainy engineering skills to make top-notch dust collectors. They’re not just about talk; they’ve got the science and real-world experience to back it up.

They’ve got a bunch of tools in their toolkit. Compact dust collectors that fit anywhere, different fabric types for different dust jobs, and even big machines like Baghouse Dust Collectors and Cyclone Collectors. They’re all about making sure the air is clean and safe.

Here’s a quick look

  • Name: Scientific Dust Collectors (SDC)
  • What they do: They’re the kings of dust collection.
  • Cool stuff: 40 years in the biz, some patented tech, and a one-stop-shop for all things dust.
  • Their gear: From Baghouse Dust Collectors to Cyclone Collectors and more. They’ve got the tools to fight the dust.
  • Dream big: Make the world cleaner and safer with their smarty-pants dust solutions.

So, with Scientific Dust Collectors, you’re getting the best of the best. Clean air, safe spaces, and a team that knows their stuff!

Griffin Filters: Keeping Places Dust-Free for Over 70 Years! 

Have you heard about Griffin Filters? They’ve been around for a long time, cleaning up dust for more than 70 years! They are pros at making stuff to clean the air, especially in big factories.

At first, they were called Dusty Dustless, Inc. They made simple machines for construction. Then, they started using this amazing pulse jet technology. It’s great for handling a lot of waste. Those pulse jet machines? They’re awesome at grabbing small bits in the air.

But Griffin does more than just make machines. They’re really smart! They have experts everywhere and a team that finds answers to hard questions. Hot places, strange dust, or even harsh chemicals? Griffin knows what to do.

From food factories to big electric plants, they’ve helped a lot. And many famous companies trust them to make their air fresh.

Here’s a quick rundown

  • Name: Griffin Filters
  • What they do: They make top-notch Baghouse Filters and dust cleaners.
  • Cool things: 70 years of know-how, leading in pulse jet tech, and creating special answers.
  • Their tools: From pulse jet machines to personalized dust catchers, they handle all the dust.
  • Big dream: They aim to freshen the air and keep it safe in many fields.

So, with Griffin Filters, you get years of experience and a promise to make things clear and secure. They truly know their stuff in the dust world!

Griffin Filters

RoboVent: Clearing the Air for Factories Everywhere!

Do you know about RoboVent? They started in busy Detroit and now? They’re the big bosses of dust collectors. They make some of the top tools to keep factory air clean.

Guess what happened in 2022? They joined hands with Nederman! They’re working hard to be the top team for clean air. What’s great about RoboVent? They truly care for their customers. They don’t just sell stuff. They see what factories need by visiting and looking around. Then they give the right system. Factories can work, and RoboVent makes sure the air is nice and clean.

Have you heard of things like jet dust collectors or those cool electrostatic things? That’s RoboVent’s area. They manage a lot of factory waste and make sure tiny bits in the air get cleaned up. No matter the job, they’ve got a fix.

When you think of big names in baghouses, think RoboVent! They catch smoky air and use suction to clean it up. They’re the ones to call.

Some Quick Stuff:

  • Name: RoboVent
  • What They Do: They’re the best at cleaning up factory air.
  • Why They’re Cool: They really care about people and always bring new ideas.
  • Home: Sterling Heights, Michigan
  • Started in: 1989
  • Big Team: Nederman
  • Seen in: U.S., Canada, Mexico, and with partners around the world.

Picking RoboVent means factories have the best tools for clean air, making workspaces safe and fresh for everyone.

Robovent Products Group

Tysum: Making Clean Air Happen in 30+ Countries!

Have you heard about Tysum? For 23 years, they’ve been top dogs in the dust collector world. Coming from China, they’ve got five awesome places where they make the best dust collectors and filters. When industries need top-notch gear, Tysum is the name they trust.

What’s cool about Tysum? They’re right in the heart of China’s big factory cities: Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hunan, Jiangxi, and Sichuan. This means they always know the latest tech stuff, making their products even better. They grab the best tech from all over the world to make sure their air cleaners are the best.

But Tysum isn’t just about selling things. They care about our planet, the people who work in factories, and making the best stuff. Their machines help factories be green, keep workers safe and healthy, and make better products.

They have some cool awards like BSCI, ISO, RoHS, and TUV. In their workshops, they use the best stuff like Q235 steel plates and stainless steel. The inside parts of their machines? They get them from famous brands like BIDAFU and Toray from Japan. And the controls? Only the top ones from big names like Siemens, ABB, and Schneider.

The best part? Tysum makes things just for you. They don’t think one thing works for everyone. They make sure every machine is perfect for each factory.

Quick Look

  • Name: Tysum
  • What They Do: They’re the big name in making air cleaners.
  • Been Around: 23 years and still going strong!
  • Where They Work: 5 cool places in China.
  • Who They Help: 500+ happy customers in over 30 countries.
  • What Makes Them Special: They make just what you need and care about the planet and people.

With Tysum, factories aren’t just buying a machine. They’re getting the best, made with care and a promise to make the world cleaner and safer.

Tysum logo

CATS: Like Family in Making Air Clean!

CATS, short for Clean Air Technology Solutions, is a real American Dream story. Started in 2002 by two brothers – David and the one telling this story – it shows what happens when you have big dreams and work hard. Growing up, their family always had a business spirit.

Before CATS, one brother knew a lot about dust collectors. He had big jobs at a big filter company, like an engineer and sales manager. David, the other brother, wanted to do something big with his life. So together, they started CATS. Their big dream? Make a cool company with the best air filters, treat customers right, keep items ready to ship, and work super hard.

With CATS, it’s not just business, it’s family. If you buy from CATS, you get great filters, but you also join a group that really cares about you. They know a lot about stuff like dust and how to handle it in factories. They make special things to help factories with their waste and other stuff.

Looking at top companies that make baghouses, CATS is special. Not just because of what they sell, but how they make you feel.

Quick Look at CATS

  • Name: Clean Air Technology Solutions (CATS)
  • Started: 2002
  • What They Do: Make air filters for different jobs in factories.
  • Cool Thing About Them: They’re like family, make awesome stuff, and really care about their customers.
  • Goal: Make friends with customers by selling the best filters and being super nice.

With CATS, you’re not just buying filters. You’re becoming part of a family that cares about clean air and you!

Cats Filters

Markair: Not Just a Seller, They’re Your Dust-Busting Buddies!

Markair, Inc. isn’t your everyday company. Nope, it’s your buddy in the fight against dust! Mark Mullin kicked things off in 1988, focusing first on local utilities and paper mills in Florida and Georgia. His big idea? Offer top-notch gear for clearing the air in big places.

Then, in 2010, Jason M. Kurtz took over, bringing in new ideas from his time in building stuff, power-making, and food-making. This guy knows his stuff! Whether it’s super tricky work environments, making food safe, or dealing with big-time rules from OSHA and NFPA, Markair is on it.

What’s super cool about Markair? They don’t do one-size-fits-all. Nope! They look at what you need and then – bam! – create solutions just for you. We’re talking everything from gear to clean up dirty air and dust collectors, even special stuff for metal dust. They do it all: checking out your place, making stuff that fits just right, and setting it all up for you.

People all over – making food, designing ships, running power stations – they pick Markair when they need clean air. It’s not just the cool stuff they sell; it’s the friendships they build. Like one happy customer from the University of Florida said, Markair is the top pick for solutions made just for you.

Quick Peek at Markair

  • Name: Markair, Inc.
  • Started: 1988
  • They’re Good At: Making special gear to clean big air messes.
  • Big Boss: Jason M. Kurtz (The guy in charge since 2010)
  • Awesome Stuff They Make: Equipment to fight air pollution, super-strong fans, fire & explosion protectors, and more.
  • Dream: Give every customer the perfect air-cleaning plan, focusing on quality, know-how, and happy customers.

With Markair, Inc., you’re sure to get the best air cleaning gear and ideas, all with years of know-how and a promise to be the best!

Air Pollution Control & Dust Collectors In FL & GA | Markair, Inc. Pioneering Dust Collection Solutions with an Environmental Edge is a top maker in the dust collector world. They’re really good at what they do and always deliver on time. They use new ways of doing things to make sure they offer products that fit what each customer needs.

These days, people chat a lot about fresh air and caring for Earth. gets it. They put in the effort to ensure their actions are eco-friendly. They’re passionate about doing their bit for Mother Nature. And guess what? They’ve got smart answers to make our tomorrow brighter.

If you go to’s website, you’ll find lots of cool stuff. They have news, product info, and even help guides. If you’re into the dust collector industry, it’s like a gold mine of knowledge!

What’s really cool about Their customer service. They know a lot about stuff like particulate matter, burning waste, and the big challenges when there’s a lot of industrial waste. They’re pros with filters of jet dust collectors and fume collectors. So, industries get the right air filtration products for their needs.

Quick Look at the Company

  • Name:
  • What they do: They’re a top dog in making industrial dust collection systems.
  • What’s special about them: They work smart, care about our planet, and have an awesome online place full of info.
  • Their goal: To give the best dust collection solutions and be nice to our environment.
BH-Logo-Rev-1 –


Choosing the right baghouse dust collector manufacturer or a fitting bag house for sale is crucial in safeguarding employee health and enhancing production efficiency. Baghouse dust collectors play a pivotal role in managing waste incineration, handling synthetic materials, and controlling high volumes of industrial waste. For instance, Tysum, with its strategic facilities and 23 years of expertise, has successfully executed 10,000 projects, showcasing their capability in handling complex industrial demands, including the management of suction filtration units. Their tailored solutions ensure that industries operate in a cleaner, safer environment, ultimately leading to improved productivity and adherence to environmental standards. Making a well-informed choice from our curated list of manufacturers is a strategic investment towards achieving operational excellence in your industrial environment.


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