Cartridge Dust Collectors TSDFT-4-16

Cartridge Dust Collector TSDFT-4-16

  • High dust removal efficiency and typically exceeds 99%
  • Adaptable
  • Great operating flexibility
  • Simple structure
  • Low energy consumption
  • Welding  
  • Plasma cutting
  • Grinding
  • Woodworking
  • Food processing
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical

Product Details of Cartridge Filter Dust Collector TSDFT-4-16


Our state-of-the-art industrial cartridge dust collectors stand at the forefront of dust filtration technology, meeting strict international standards set by NFPA, MSHA, OSHA, and other relevant organizations. Engineered for maximum efficiency, they are adept at capturing a wide spectrum of particulate matter, ensuring a clean, healthy working environment. These systems boast a high filtration efficiency rate, exceeding 99.9% for fine dust particles, thanks to the advanced pleated filter design. The compact yet robust construction allows for optimal air flow management and lower pressure drop, translating into significant energy savings. Ideal for a variety of industrial applications, these collectors are equipped with durable, high-quality filters, offering longevity and reduced maintenance costs. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every unit meets rigorous safety and environmental standards, providing an indispensable solution for maintaining air quality in industrial settings.
Number of cartridge(Pieces)16
Cartridge diameter & length350*660MM
Air Volume(m³/h)6240-11232
Filtration Area(㎡)208
Min. design efficiency*99.99%
Filter typeCartridge Filter Dust Collector
Pressure Drop/
Air to cloth ratio (ACFM/Ft.2)/
Filtration velocity (m/min)0.5-1
Blower horsepower (optional)/
Operating Temperature Range<130℃
Static pressure drop (WC)/
Blower CFM/
Warranty24 Months

Why Choose Industrial Cartridge Dust Collector from Tysum?

Advanced Design & Precision Engineering Solutions

Our expert team swiftly transforms your concepts into reality with tailored machine recommendations and meticulous in-house engineering, releasing a demo in as fast as 1 day.

Customized, Industry-Proven Air Filtration Solutions

Leveraging over 20 years of cross-industry expertise, we deliver bespoke cartridge collectors precisely engineered to meet the unique emission and dust removal needs.

Top Tier Raw Materials

We utilize top-tier raw materials, including various high-grade stainless steels options, coupled with superior filters and world-class electrical components from Siemens®, ABB®, and Schneider®.

Responsive Technical Support

We offer 24-month warranty on our industrial dust collectors and a 12-month warranty on wear parts, complemented by immediate engineering support and prompt spare parts replacement.

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